Best Practices

The Best SEO Texas internet marketing framework is designed on an Integrated Project Delivery model, which means that our clients are fully engaged in every project, with access to the development team’s work environment, every task, every detail, real time!   Our combined 150 years experience in the business and I.T. consulting space enables us to approach SEO and marketing projects from a very unique position, one that treats each client as an executive decision maker.  We know that our clients typically don’t know much about SEO or internet marketing, so the fact that we open our books to the client is what truly sets us apart from other marketing agencies.  When it comes to SEO service providers, the term “best practices” should seldom be used.  In fact, most SEO companies really don’t care about your brand and have very little to lose if your website or brand image suffers in the long term.  Many SEO firms operate on models that focus on client ignorance, giving them free reign to tell you what you want to hear and delivering short term, artificially inflated results, that are doomed to long term failure or expensive brand maintenance in the long term.