SEO Market Analysis Model

We want to take log and array and other calc to project visit growth rate for each field and section… the weighted average of this growth rate will be the projected growth at $x,$y, and $z programs, estimated for your specific company. We take into account the rate of growth of internet use by customers in industry x to help make purchasing decisions… and what percentage is the value of internet searches by prospective customers in the industry, i.e., flooring is absolutely necessary – retail and manufacturing… but distribution, it will not make or break the company in the next 3-5 years, but as distributors catch on to the fact that they can use more leverage than retailers to drive sales, i.e. they can spend $50k without feeling much pain, but a retailer might start feeling the pain at $5k, depending on his willingness to to wait a year before seeing a return on investment… and spending $5k with 95% of the lifetime value (ROI) occurring between years 2-5 … and competitiveness of each industry… and how long your sales cycle is… the first score that the user sees is Internet Marketing & SEO Capability – this measures the value of the company, only based on the industry selected, in its ability to profitably grow your business substantially within 1-3 years… and how fast that growth can occur… accelerate compared to other industries (list 50 industries… makes user think we’re serious business).. before considering other factors in future sections. You may complete sections individually or in order… however, you must start from the beginning and complete the entire model to gain full understanding of how the sales and marketing of your business relates to your SEO & Internet Marketing strategies.. outlook… projected.

This model is designed to deliver real-world market segmented data analytics as a function of attributes and figures associated with your business and the channels and markets in which it operates. The model delivers several scores based on the attributes that you enter, as well as industry & market-specific values associated with various segments of your business environments. In any marketing model, brand reputation and referrals is typically the first attribute considered. If you struggle in these areas, it will be a greater challenge to sustain significant growth on the internet. It helps to look at the communications attributes of the internet in comparison to snail mail and phone calls. People still use the phone book. People still . The internet is instant. It is deep. It is efficient. For most people, thumbing through a business directory or yellow pages to make cold contact is far less desirable than learning about 2-3 companies via their website or 3d party web channels, before making initial contact. This is true from the consumer level, to big business, to government. To learn about organizations and their products and services, you could say that most people, regardless of whether or not they are statisfied with their buying needs, will eventually search for companies similar to yours. The fact is, this type of buying behavior has been on the rise for decades and if your competitors are outranking you, even if by just one or two positions, it is always in your best interest to improve your ranking, particularly for rankings on page one. The internet generates more For the purpose of this model, we factor in brand reputation, in addition to several other relevant factors, as a function of your firm’s marketability. For most businesses, word of mouth, and its close cousin, social media, are paramount to brand reputation development. Online Social Media is not just conducted on Facebook and Twitter, but also on review sites, internet forums, and just about any website that allows its visitors and members to post comments. It is critical for most growth-focused organizations to be a regular and functioning part of the conversation in all relevant social media channels, yet choosing the right channels and communications strategies is an equally critical challenge, combining both science and art to ensure that your time and effort affect an increasingly significant return on investment in an increasingly important, yet turbulent, sales channel. Internet marketing is becoming increasingly important to most companies.