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Texas SEO companies are easy to find, but which one can you trust to deliver sustainable results?  Does your SEO agency guarantee traffic and ranking improvement?  Is your Google ranking sustainable or will the SEO strategy employed penalize your ranking in the long term?  These are not easily answered questions, but our mission at Best SEO Texas is to first, help SMEs  and Marketing Executives understand the truth about internet marketing performance, guide companies in developing a framework for delivering sustainable search engine ranking improvement, using SEO best practices and proprietary systems exclusive to our organization.

Step 1:  Best SEO Texas will provide a FREE website assessment, to determine your company’s on-site SEO effectiveness, including your keyword and content structuring, page load time, inbound link (backlink) relevance, image alt tags, video content, coding efficiencies, URL efficiencies, site architecture, content development trajectory, content placement, keyword positioning, search engine risk-factors, mobile page effectiveness, internal links, and more.

Step 2:  Introduce you to the development team.  Your project will be managed by a dedicated internet marketing consultancy firm based in Denton, Texas.  Our team of project managers have experience working with Fortune 500 companies and SME’s around the globe.  We use state-of-the art project management systems, which we are happy to share with you, to provide you with an assurance that your SEO project is being handled by the most capable managers and developers in existence in the state of Texas.

Step 3:  Package.  Best SEO Texas will work with your organization to custom tailor a package that best suits your company’s objectives and goals.  Unlike other SEO organizations who simply let you choose a package, we NEVER take this approach.  We learn your needs and match them with the right package.  Depending on your current status with search engines, too little or too much focus on SEO building can make the difference in your long term internet marketing success.  A managed trickle or stream of development is the key to developing a sustainable growth model, one that will not be viewed by Google as over-inflated, irrelevant, discrediting, or otherwise propped up by artificial SEO initiatives.

Step 4:  Framework.  We begin every contract by developing a framework for a six-month period of SEO strategic development, no matter if your website was launched ten days ago or ten years ago, with internet traffic in the tens or in the millions.  You will be issued a user name and password to access each and every up-to-date task, all associated attachments, spreadsheets, team comments, task progress reports, and other related development and team / project metrics. task, all attachmentsfic in the 10s or millions.e viewed by

Step 5:  Competitor Analysis.  The first and most important step in any SEO plan is a thorough competitor analysis.  Depending on your industry and target market, goals, and message, we first determine correlating content usage by your competitors, namely keyword placement, content structuring, and other relevant on-site & off-site tactics employed by your competitors and the internet “markets” in which they operate.  All data on this task will be recorded in a spreadsheet which you will have real-time access to.

Step 6:  Keyword Research & Analysis.  After completing the competitor analysis, we will compile a list of the most effective keywords to be employed in Phase I, the first six months, to optimize your internet presence and position you for sustainable growth in the future.  This report will include a keyword strategy summary to make sense of our focus on short-tail and long-tail keywords, to be used in on-site and off-site content and backlink development.

Step 7:  HTML and Source Code Modification.  To begin on-site SEO optimization, we first conduct a thorough analysis of our website code structure, and provide a detailed code modification plan.  Then, we create a backup of your website.  Finally, we will implement source code revisions, including any required code debugging, with minimal, and in most cases zero, downtime of your website.  These code modifications will ensure that your page load time is optimized, and ensures that search engines are not required to sift through unnecessary code before finding your rich content, including the important keywords that your target audience is searching for.  This code cleaning process typically does not require any visual or functional modifications to your website, but in such a case that it does, we provide details of such change requirements for your approval before the revised website goes live.

Step 8:  Search Engine Submission and Placement.  In this step, we begin to interface on-site and off-site SEO strategies, ensuring that all major search engines, to include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other second-tier search engines are crawling targeted content and keywords on your website on a regular basis, in such a way that will make you stand out against your competitors, ensuring that your website is found by your target audiences.

Step 9:  Meta Tags and Title Tags.  Our team will ensure that your meta and title tag content is compliant with search engine best practices, correlating with page content, keywords, and the structure of your site.  It is important that your meta and title tags are weighted proportionally with keywords that are relevant to the content.  We ensure that your website has a calculated balance of relevant keywords in your content that match your site’s page titles and meta data.

Step 10:  Image and Functional Alt Text.  In similar fashion to the meta tag and title tag process, your SEO team will ensure that all images, videos, widgets, and other components of your website will be optimized with appropriate and relevant alt text, identifying such website components in a highly relevant and natural manner, adding additional layers of search engine visibility to your website.

Step 11:  Permalink Modifications.  Your team will ensure that all permalinks on your site are relevant, coordinating with page content in an SEO-friendly manner.  We will edit each permalink carefully, one by one, also providing keyword diversification across your website.

Step 12:  W3C Validation.  In this step, we use a markup validation service (World Wide Web Consortium) that assesses your HTML and XHTML code for structural issues, to ensure that your web pages are technically sound and compatible with your target audience’s hardware and software, including mobile and tablet functionality.  A report is provided and revisions are made according to generally accepted standards and SEO best practices, which may vary according to your market audience.

Step 13:  Content Optimization.  This is often the most challenging component of our service.  To maximize SEO effectiveness, internet marketers are always faced with the task of balancing “effective messaging” with SEO-friendly language.  On the sales & marketing side of the equation, content should be written with the “message” to the target audience delivered in a manner that convinces the site visitor to take an action desired by the organization.  On the technical (SEO) side of the equation, the search engine optimizer is primarily focused on achieving the highest ranking possible for a given website, and individual webpages therein.   Realistically, it takes a genuine marketing professional, with intimate knowledge of messaging and branding, to achieve a perfect balance of market-focused content and SEO-focused content.  This is truly what sets our organization apart from other SEO agencies.  Best SEO Texas offers the agency-level content and copywriting capabilities to work directly with the SEO developers (technical) to create an optimal blend of rich content heavily weighted with SEO content.

Step 14:  Internal Links.  Your websites links directed to internal web pages can be a critical component to a well optimized website.  We ensure a perfect balance of internal links, avoiding the creation of duplicate content where applicable, and maintaining a link structure that captures your keywords in a natural manner quite attractive to search engines.

Step 15:  Link submission.  Top ranking websites that link to your websites can have an enormous impact on your site’s organic page and site ranking.  We can develop a backlinking strategy that keeps your inbound links relevant.  Many competitor websites will take any link that they can get, generating inbound links to your site from any available source.  While this can boost your site’s ranking in the short term, it is actually viewed as a negative factor by Google and will almost certainly have a negative impact on your SEO and page rank in the long term.  While a few irrelevant backlinks are okay, it is critically important to keep inbound links highly relevant, proportionate to your website’s content.  For example if you own a restaurant, generating a backlink from a beverage company is quite relevant, as long as your site has some degree of related content.  On the other hand, inbound links from a furniture store located in another city would be considered extremely irrelevant.  Our team knows exactly which link opportunities to pursue that keep your links in the “white hat” realm and safe from future negative repercussions issued by search engine algorithmic updates that define your site’s page rank and internet visibility.

Step 16:  Social Media Marketing.  This realm of SEO strategy is far more complex that competitor SEO agencies often lead their clients to believe.  However, it is extremely important to regard this step very highly.  Many companies that understand this will hire a full-time dedicated social media marketer to engage with this broad audience.  While this may be impractical for your organization, what often is practical is developing a framework for sustainable social media management.  In fact, this is quite important.  Our firm can provide a fractional social media manager to work with your firm at a fairly reasonable rate.  This means that you will have a dedicated social media specialist as your company’s spokesperson.  We match you with a specialist that can best identify with your industry and target audience, working within our project management environment, providing you with up-to-date access on tasks and deliverables in process, task by task.  This is a great place to start and will enable you to understand the social media communications process in a transparent environment, enabling you to take the social media reigns and manage these processes internally, which we ALWAYS recommend.  Essentially, we will equip you with the know-how and framework to manage your own brand in various social media outlets.   Should you decide to continue to use our social media services on a fractional basis, we are there to help and if at some point in time you are ready to control this element of your branding strategy, you will have the tools to do so and we will be there to support you through the transition.

Step 17:  Google Analytics.  In a simplified manner, we will help you to use this very important tool to self-assess and monitor your SEO progress.  You will have access to up-to-date reports on a variety of metrics on ranking, site traffic and keyword and content effectiveness.

Step 18:  Ranking Maintenance.  We provide full access to every relevant metric and statistic to ensure that you know where you currently rank and why you are at that position.  Your team will be responsible for ensuring progress in ranking that is not artificially inflated or at the detriment to your long term sustainable growth.  This is critical, as there are many tricks and “black hat” methods to artificially prop up a site’s ranking, only to later be penalized by Google and other search engines for cheating the system.  This is the bread and butter for many SEO agencies – luring in clients by promising fast ranking, earning a few thousand dollars,  leaving their clients to hang on a poor reputation, and moving on to other clients to continue their scheme.